Buy clothing
that fits you!

Say goodbye to confusing size charts and unflattering fitting rooms. Use Aina and virtually try on clothing to find the fit you want!

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Sizing Made Easy

We recommend the best size and show
you how it will fit you - so you can decide

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“Add to Cart” Confidence

Spend less time returning, and finally buy what you want, the first time around

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Custom Clothing

We provide body measurements for made-to-measure clothing or tailoring needs

How to Try On with Aina


Take a Body Scan

Just turn in a circle once, and let our Aina technology work our magic to create your body profile...all under a minute!

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Step 2

Create an Account

Save your body profile to your account. Manage your account in the Aina app or online. You can now access this account anywhere you shop!

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Go shop!

Shop your favorite brands online or
in-store, and try on with Aina - you’ll find us right on the product page.

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