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Better Inventory Management

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Reduce Returns

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How it Works


Try on with Aina

Shopper sees the option to “Try On with Aina” on your product page.

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Step 2

Create or log into the account

They either log into their existing Aina profile or create a new one.

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Find the best fit

Shopper can now find their best fit, and purchase with more confidence!

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Step 4

Get the insights

You see the sale, and can log into your Aina portal for additional customer insights

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Who do we help?


We help ready-to-wear brands recommend the best fitting size for their shoppers and allow for virtual try on based on the shopper's body and fit preferences.

Custom Designers

We provide body measurement information for custom-made garment creation.

Design Teams

We create dynamic dashboards and body data insights to help design teams create garments based off of real customer insights.

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